Hearing Evaluation

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You will receive a complete hearing evaluation to determine the exact nature and degree of your hearing loss. This includes an otoscopic exam of your outer ears and diagnostic tests to evaluate your mechanical and neural hearing. After testing, our Audiologist will take the time to discuss the test results with you in detail and prepare you for your visit with our medical staff. If you are a candidate for a hearing device, we will make recommendations based on your individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

Ear and Hearing Specialists of New Mexico strive to use evidence based best practices to diagnosis and treat hearing disorders. For our patients who have difficulty hearing and understanding this begins with a hearing evaluation. A detailed health history is gathered and a plan of testing is determined to discover the reasons for the hearing or balance disorder. We have state of the art testing facilities for diagnosing hearing disorders. Our Audiologist will take time to question patients on their symptoms, run all necessary tests to determine the nature and degree of the hearing impairment and counsel the patient on their options for rehabilitating their hearing loss. At EHSNM we have a staff of Board certified physicians specializing in ear, nose and throat disorders. We are unique among medical facilities as we are the only medical facility housing an Audiologist and Otologist in one practice. Our medical staff works diligently to provide hearing testing and medical care in one visit.

If our medical staff determines medical treatment cannot improve your hearing and communication needs, our Audiologist will work with you to rehabilitate your loss through amplification using traditional hearing aid units, personal amplification devices  and help you restructure your speech communication models. We have several quality manufacturers who support our mission to keep you connected to your friends and family through better hearing health.

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